Conference Information

From November 13th to 15th, 2019, the 9th Aachen Colloquium China Automobile and Engine Technology will again provide a platform for experts and executives from automobile manufacturers and suppliers to discuss the latest news on research and state-of-the-art technology.

Conference program
Meet & Greet
19:00 Meet & Greet Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast

Grand Ballroom II+III
Opening Plenary Session
08:30 Opening Speech Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Eckstein – ika, RWTH Aachen University
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger – VKA, RWTH Aachen University
08:40 Our Way Toward the Ideal Internal Combustion Engine for Sustainable Future Ichiro Hirose, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Mazda Motor Corporation
09:00 The New Volvo Mild Hybrid Engine Architecture M. Wong, VOLVO CAR ASIA PACIFIC
09:20 Empowering the Automotive Industry: Driving the Future of Mobility Lilly Feng, Regional Business Leader, Automotive – Microsoft
09:40 Joint Discussion
10:00 Coffee Break
High Efficiency Engines
10:30 Application of Miller Cycle in DFMB18T Engine of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd Z. Li – Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd.
11:00 VCR System Integration & Industrialization S. Schilling, M. Poepperl – Hilite International
11:30 Highly Efficient SI Engine Combining VCR and VVA M. Breuer – Pierburg GmbH/ J. Fryjan – VKA, RWTH Aachen University/ K. Habermann – FEV Europe GmbH
12:00 Lunch
Fuel Cell Systems & Batteries
13:30 Fuel Cell Range Extender EV Y. Jiang – Chongqing Jinkang New Energy Automobile Designing Institute Co., Ltd.
14:00 AVL PEM Fuel Cell Concept Car W. Resende, J. Rechberger, F. Berg – AVL List GmbH
14:30 Fuel Cell Systems for Heavy Duty Applications: From Concept to System Validation M. Walters – FEV Europe GmbH/ S. Dirkes – VKA, RWTH Aachen University/ J. Buchmann – FEV Consulting, Inc.
15:00 HV Battery: Optimized Approach for Internal Communication M. Lenz – Valmet Automotive Engineering GmbH/ J. Sylvester – Dukosi Ltd.
15:30 Coffee Break
Hybrid Powertrains
16:00 Boost Blue – Electrified Strategy of Haima H. Zhang – Haima Automobile Co., Ltd.
16:30 Development of a HEV Powertrain for Global Application S. Li – Zhejiang Geely Powertrain Research Institute
17:00 Energy Cost Based Hybrid Control and Analysis Technique M. Gong – BorgWarner, Inc.
18:00 Banquet
Grand Ballroom I
Mobility & Vehicle Concepts
10:30 New Vehicle Concepts for Mobile Vacation R. Freimann – Ewin Hymer Group SE/ G. Gumpoltsberger – ZF Friedrichshafen/ J. Zhang – Luoyang Erwin Hymer Loncen Caravan Co. Ltd.
11:00 How Will We Travel Autonomously? User Needs for Interior Concepts and Requirements Towards Occupant Safety A.-L. Köhler, F. Prinz, S. Ladwig – ika, RWTH Aachen University
11:30 Urban Vehicle Concept for Shared Mobility C. Kürten – FEV Vehicle GmbH
12:00 Lunch
Automotive Strategy
13:30 Connected & Automated Vehicles as Part of the IoT - Opportunities, Challenges and Implications for the Industry C.-S. Ernst – Roland Berger GmbH
14:00 Autonomous Aerial Vehicles – A New Opportunity for Automotive OEMs and Suppliers? A. Nase, D. Heckmann, J. Ackermann – FEV Consulting GmbH
14:30 The Future of Automotive Electric/Electronics and its Impact on Processes and Organization C. Foltz, M. Gloger, T. Schadt – PwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbH
15:00 Optimization of Tier-X Product Portfolio Strategies with a Focus on Future CO2 Targets N. Neumann – fka GmbH
15:30 Coffee Break
HMI & Driver Assistance
16:00 (Thermal) Comfort and its Specific Influencing Factors F. Prinz, T. Hirn – ika, RWTH Aachen University/ A. Gentner – Toyota Motor Europe
16:30 Nonobtrusive Methods for Physiological Driver and Passenger State Estimation S. Leonhardt – HIA, RWTH Aachen University
17:00 Innovative Driving Assistance Function for Safe Completion of Overtaking Maneuver Z. Vana – Valeo
18:00 Banquet

Grand Ballroom II+III
Power Electronics & Hybrid Transmission
08:30 High Power Density Power Electronics for HEV/EV Applications X. Xu – Delphi Technologies
09:00 Dynamic Performance of a Dedicated Hybrid Transmission Using a MAGSPLIT Device S. Calverly – Magnomatics Ltd.
09:30 A New P2 Hybrid 7DCT Design with Integrated Off-Axis E-Machine S. Faid – Punch Powertrain
10:00 Coffee Break
Automated Driving
10:30 AI Based Method of Precise Trajectory Extraction from Imprecise Open Road Data J. Olsina – Valeo Autoklimatizace k.s.
11:00 Safety First for Automated Driving Y. Wang – Baidu
11:30 State of Research on Data-Driven Safety Assurance Methods and How Drones Can Aid it N. Wagener, R. Krajewski – ika, RWTH Aachen University/ A. Zlocki – fka GmbH
12:00 The Development of Data Fusing Domain Controller for Jinkang Seres Autonomous Drive J. Gao – JinKang Seres
12:30 Lunch
Hybrid & REX Powertrains
14:00 MAHLE Modular Hybrid Powertrain M. Bassett, S. Reader, M. Berger – MAHLE Powertrain
14:30 SYTECH, a Low Cost Unique Solution for Modern Range Extenders R. Tamba – ASF Technologies Australia Pty Ltd.
15:00 Silent, Cheap and Compact: the Future of ICEs as Range Extenders T. Uhlmann, J. Scharf, F. Haubner – FEV Europe GmbH
15:30 Final Remarks Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Eckstein – ika, RWTH Aachen University
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger – VKA, RWTH Aachen University
15:45 End of Conference
Grand Ballroom I
Engine Technologies
08:30 Advances in Dynamic Skip Fire: mDSF and dDSF K. Chen, M. Younkins, E. Ortiz-Soto – Tula Technology, Inc.
09:00 Water Injection Technology Made Available for All Driving Conditions J. Op de Beeck, K. Zang, L. Duez – Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems
09:30 Testing of a New Gasoline Compression Ignition (GCI) Concept on Market-Relevant Fuels R. Cracknell – Shell Global Solutions UK
10:00 Coffee Break
Emission Concepts & PEMS
10:30 A Study of Ash Accumulation on Gasoline Particulate Filter Through On-Road Fleet Durability Testing Z. Lv – Corning (Shanghai) Regional Headquarters
11:00 Lowest Real Driving Emissions: Solutions for Electrified Gasoline Engines Q. Ye – Continental
11:30 Zero-Impact Combustion Engine A. Balazs, M. Thewes – FEV Europe GmbH
12:00 Study of Artificial Test Cycles for HD PEMS Test X. Zhao, Y. Yang – Wuxi Wolffu Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.
12:30 Lunch
Thermal Management
14:00 Holistic Thermal Management for New Energy Vehicles C. Moeser – Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
14:30 Potential of IR-based Driver Monitoring and Comfort Automation S. Boeshagen – BCS Automotive Interface Solutions GmbH/ A. Kirmas – fka GmbH/ C. Weiss – Life TAix
15:00 Functionally Integrated Thermal Management Systems for Battery Housings – Requirements and Proposed Solutions C. Massonet – ika, RWTH Aachen University/ M. Wiemann – voestalpine Automotive Components/ Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH & Co. KG

Conference venue

Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast

26A Xiao Yun Road,

Chaoyang District 100125

Beijing, China

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